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  1. Spring Flowers
    Price: 7.50
    Spring Flowers
    A lovely wearable bouquet!
  2. Very Merry Petals
    Price: 6.50
    Very Merry Petals
    A must see!
  3. Minnie Bow
    Price: 6.00
    Minnie Bow
    Straight from Minnie's Boutique!
Hair Accessories
Rinestones sparkle, satins shine. Let me make you mine, all mine!
Handmade hair accessories for all ages.
  1. Twinsy Winsy
    Twinsy Winsy
    Customize bibs to match!
  2. Business Man
    Business Man
    Dress to impress!
  3. A Little Mermaid
    A Little Mermaid
    Made to get wet!
Bibs insprired by princesses, ladies and gentlemen. 

Tag Blankies &
Pacifier Taggies

Blankets that every baby and toddler love. Soft and smooth with nifty tags to play with. 
Want a custom made item? 
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