15 Body Sunscreens That’ll Protect Your Skin Without Clogging Pores

Channing Smith/Allure Facebook Email Pinterest No matter what the season or how much time is spent outdoors, protecting ourselves from harmful UV rays with one of the best sunscreens for your body is non-negotiable. Just a reminder, practicing proper sun protection techniques, like head-to-toe SPF protection on a year-round basis, prevents UV-related skin issues in […]

15 Black Liquid Eyeliners for Perfectly-Sharp Wings Every Time

Channing Smith/Allure Facebook Email Pinterest Trends come and go, but winged liner has withstood the tests of time — I mean, who doesn't enjoy a great cat-eye. The quickest way to get the sharpest wings, of course, is with one of the best black liquid eyeliners around. The thin, inky liquid is the best formula, […]

19 Full-Coverage Foundations That Can Cover Up Anything

Courtesy of brand | Channing Smith  Facebook Email Pinterest Of all the beauty products in the world, full-coverage foundation is, without a doubt, the hardest for makeup brands to get right. There, we said it. But it's only because it's the truth. Too often, coverage is valued over texture or finish (not to mention an […]

Jennifer Lopez Introduced Her Child With They/Them Pronouns During a Recent Performance

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest Did you hear the news? Jennifer Lopez says, "Happy Pride," everyone. During a recent performance at the sixth annual Blue Diamond Gala — hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation at the Dodgers Stadium and headlined by none other than J. Lo herself — the multi-hyphenate brought her 14-year-old child, […]